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How many students do you want to make the project?

One project will be made by only one student. But schools can ask all students (from 6th, 7th,8th) to write a project and from that school should select best 6 projects for the carnival – 2 projects per grade i.e 2 projects from 6th standard, 2 projects from 7th standard and 2 projects from 8th standard.

What materials students should use to make the project?

In the beginning, students will just write the project information and draw a diagram of the project model on foolscap paper and submit it for the carnival.

On which topic students can make the projects?

Students can write projects on below themes.

The Chosen Themes are: 

Agriculture & Food Safety, Health & Hygiene, Environment Conservation & Renewal Energy and Disaster Management.

The SDGs we addressing through these themes are:

Good Health and Well-being, Clean water and Sanitation, Sustainable cities and Communities, Affordable and Clean energy, Climate Action, Zero Hunger, Life below water, Life on land.


Which points are expected to write in the project information?

While doing the paperwork for the project, it is expected to write the problem faced by the students/people in the community, the solution for that problem, and the possible diagram of that model.

What is the last date for submission of the project file?

The school has to submit the final selected projects for the
competition by 27th Feb 2023.

How many students can participate in the carnival from one school?

A total of 6 students from the 6th, 7th, and 8th classes of the same school will be able to participate. Even if there are 2 or 3 divisions of the same class, only 2 projects can participate from all the divisions of the same class.

In my school we have only 6th and 7th grade. How many students from my school can participate in the carnival?

If there are only 2 grades in the school, then 3 contestants/projects from each grade can participate.

How many participants will participate in the carnival?

A total of 250+ contestants from 52 schools of Navi Mumbai
Municipal Corporation will participate.

Can students use YouTube or Google to find the projects?

Yes, but a project found on YouTube or Google should not be as it is or completely copied. It will reduce the chance of selection for the final round. It should have students' imagination and innovation.

Will the students get materials for project development from the organization?

The organization will deposit Rs.500/- each in the bank account of the top 100 finalists to purchase the materials required for project development.

How students can register for the carnival?

We will share a link on the WhatsApp group to enroll student's names and to submit their projects.

How is the carnival going to happen?

The contestants will participate, prepare their projects under guidance of mentors. Final project presentation of Top 30 projects will be showcased on the event day on 24 th of March 2023

What will be the number of final winners in the carnival?

Out of the final 100 contestants, the best 30 contestants will be showcased on the day of event. Out of Top 3 there will be
awards for Top 3 projects and 5 consolation awards. There will also be two special awards i.e Best Innovator and Best Presenter.