Frequenty asked questions

On which topic students can make the projects?

Students can write projects on any one of the two themes defined for this year’s Science Carnival The Chosen Themes are: Eco Guardians: Preserving our Natural World – Climate Action, Life Below Water, Life On Land Future Cities: Innovating for Sustainability – Affordable & Clean Energy, Industries, Innovation & Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the last date for submission of the project file?

The school has to submit the final selected projects for the competition by 27th Feb.

How many participants will participate in the carnival?

A total of 500+ contestants from 53 schools of Think Big Space Program will participate in the carnival

How many participants are allowed per team?

A team can have maximum of 2 students.

How students can register for the carnival?

We will share a link on the WhatsApp group to enroll students’ names and to submit their projects.

How is the carnival going to happen?

The contestants will participate, prepare their projects under guidance of mentors. Final project presentation of Top 25 projects will be showcased on the event day at Cidco exhibhition centre on 22nd of March 2024.

What will be the number of final winners in the carnival?

Out of the final 100 contestants, the best 25 contestants will be showcased on the day of event. Out of Top 3 there will be awards for Top 3 projects. There will also be two special awards i.e Best Innovator and Best Presenter.

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